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One hour ago, before I came, Jasmine winded up 5-year relationship with her boyfriend in this room. Drowning in the inexpressible air, Jasmine started to clean up. However, all the stuff she held seemed to me that they were proofs of her love, trifling and vague. Then I decided   to number these “love samples” and shoot once-in-love Jasmine.

The whole works are trying to find the connection between abstract love affection and concrete material evidence. When unpredictable love is out of control, when indescribable love just comes and goes, things left behind and we have no where to hide. What do space-time and we look like?

As love fades away, all the infatuation turns to be illusion.  Maybe I just wanted to keep something. Just like Jasmine’s boyfriend left these vestiges, I could have only taken the inexpressible air for Jasmine.

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