I use the art making as a tool of exploration with each moment as evidence of self-growth. I am interested in uncovering the relationship between the internal and the external, and how consciousness can be revealed. Through the medium of photography, installation, and performance video, I transform my subconscious experience into a visible object as a way to understand time and identity. My works, which reflect upon my personal life experience and mental struggles, enable me to explore the psychological process of people digesting language burdens, diverse religious beliefs, cultural differences, social events, etc. Although my processes will eventually be ignored in history beyond recognition and disappear into worthless dust, the value remains in investigating my own process of thinking.

Zhuo Sun is also a freelance photographer and designer. Aiming to image and space&installation design for projects or brands in a professional and independent attitude. Partners include domestic and foreign brands, institutions and artists; These include CAISSA, WULING, CCCSF and domestic and foreign artists and brands.

Born in 1991, in Shijiazhuang, China.
2017   San Francisco Art Institute/MFA
2013   Xi’an University of Technology/BFA Photography
2017   Vernissage, Mint, San Francisco, USA
2017   Alternative Dementia, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2016  Ritual Landscapes, Swell Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2014  Scenery of Ten Years, Photography Exhibition, Banpo International Arts District, Xi’an City, China
2013  13th Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, Pingyao, China
2013  Xi’an University of Technology BFA Degree Show, Xi’an City, China