estoy a ocuras

This work comprise a set of night-related photos. Something trivia and common turns into other appearances as a result of intermingling with time just like camera effects change as time goes by. For me, dark hours represent special occasions. As if I were waken up from a short-term memory loss, at that time was seriously aware of the “estoy a oscuras”, better and mor clearly than any time. The elapse in the past, the coming in the future, and the present at right now interweave together the insensibly turn into the space of memory and imagination. From past to present till future, time runs through all along. In the hour of past, present and future, accidents exist all the time.

Toronto based designer and artist.
Always attempted to perceive the order of the world, time, and space through the transformation of language, 
consciousness, space, and narrative while exploring the possibilities of self-identity.