This is a work about “truth".


Emerald Tablet has been considered as the bible to guide alchemists for touchstone while the philosopher's stone of alchemy is always "worshipped" by someone who is eager for gold regardless of its ever absence. The students' movement in 1989 is a huge mist and silence in my opinion, having in common with alchemy and desire.


I have captured several frames of leaders and hierarchies with different standpoints in the Tiananmen Event, and these hierarchies and leaders with different standpoints all follow their own "absolute truths".These "absolute fact" and "truths" have been distorted, dispelled and forgotten in today's viewpoint. Tiananmen Square is still there and state apparatus keep running but the most basic fact can not be tracked and recognized. When these are gone, people with different standpoints still become a part of state apparatus and social movement finally and can not represent each other. They are only some "standpoints" while those lives fading away in Tiananmen Square are like dust from my point of view even if they all expect to fight for their “gold".


This is a students' movement nobody can be responsible for. I have seen a trivial standpoint in a huge silence while all people sacrificed and fact are buried in state apparatus, different emotional standpoints, languages and silence. Eventually these text files and languages will be ignored in the history beyond recognition and disappear in the worthless dust.